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My name is Kirstie Lovell and I am the Owner, Groomer and Photographer for Harry & Sam. I currently have one furbaby, Sasha who is a Maltese X Shih Tsu.


The name Harry & Sam is dedicated to the first two loves of my life, Harry; a toy poodle X Sydney Silkie and Sam; a Golden Retriever mix, as without them I would not be where I am today. As a child I was constantly dressing Sam up in whatever clothes I could find and giving him lots of baths, so its no wonder that this is my chosen profession. Harry enjoyed much the same fate throughout my teens, he loved dressing up in his Santa costume at Christmas and being regularly groomed.

I have only recently made the transition to working with animals in a professional capacity, my background being in Spa and Beauty therapy. However animals have always been a big part of my life, from owning pets to volunteering with Lions in Africa and Kangaroos in Australia. I have completed a dog grooming course with New Zealand Dog Grooming School and have been mentored by world renowned 'dogs in action' photographer Claudio Piccoli and will continue to invest time and education into my business by attending workshops and improving skills with help from veterans in the community.

My inspiration for Harry & Sam came from when I was traveling through Europe. Dogs are everywhere; shops, restaurants, in cars and on the train. It seemed that every dog had a beautiful lead with matching collar, dressed in clothes and being carried around in handbags (specially designed dog carry bags), some were even in dog pushchairs (yes that's a thing)! Upon returning home I ventured to find the same for Harry (turns out he thought the handbag was a great chew toy but not as exciting to sit in it) and found it was difficult to find similar items in NZ. Combining my love for animals with my passion for photography and need for beautiful dog accessories, I have created a place where dogs can enjoy a relaxing grooming experience, love the attention from the photo shoot and walk out looking and feeling like a model from an Italian fashion show.

I look forward to meeting both you and your fur baby!