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Why grooming in winter is important

During winter, you may think you are doing your dog a favor by holding off from grooming so that your pet can stay warmer with a thicker coat but your not. This is a very common misconception and here's why:

Winter can be a confusing time for dogs hair growth. The colder weather stimulates the coat to grow to help keep the dog warmer when its outside in the elements, but more often than not the dog spends just as much time inside with fires and other forms of heating causing the need for the coat to shed.

A healthy coat is like a thermos and will regulate the dogs temperature. For long haired dogs such as poodles, shih tsu's etc that are non shedding, they require more grooming in winter to keep the coat maintained and mat free. Fur that is matted does NOT provide warmth or insulation.

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Yuki will all the hair we removed from her during her August groom.

Many of us suffer with dry, chafed and scaly skin in winter due to a combination of cold weather, wind, and interior heating. These conditions can also dry and dehydrate the dogs skin and coat. Grooming such as bathing, brushing, keeping moisturized and eliminating mats and tangles will help stimulate and condition the skin and hair and ensure a healthy and happy dog. 

We have a great range of products instore for you to help keep your dogs coat well maintained during winter. 

‚ÄčIn addition to keeping dogs coat clean and brushed in winter it's also important to pay attention to their feet. 

Hair grows between most dogs paw pads and if this gets too long it can cause them to slip on smooth flooring, so it's best to keep it short. When the hair is trimmed, debris such as dirt, mud and sand has nowhere to attach to therefore making it easier to keep the paws clean. 

In winter its common for dog walks to get less frequent or shortened due to lack of daylight and bad weather. Without the friction from walks, dog's nails will get longer and it is important to cut them short so that the paw can touch the ground properly. 

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Remember dog grooming isn't just a hot weather thing!

"Coming in for grooming can feel good for your pet. Generally pets get out less in winter so are probably cooped up inside and going stir crazy like us. Going for a groom is a great way to get them out of the house."

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